Mayday! Asking for Help in Times of Need

You don't have to do it alone! My book will help the intimidating but potentially rewarding process of asking for help feel far less daunting.

You can learn how to ask for help!

I wrote this book as a guide for people to better understand and to learn how to conquer the personal and professional fears that keep them from turning to others in times of need.

Mayday! includes insights on why we don’t ask for help, why we should, and how to do it, all with the goal of making the intimidating but rewarding process of asking for help less daunting.

Book description:
Using an inviting conversational style sprinkled with humor and personal stories,  Nora first delves deeply into the social and psychological factors that keep us in isolation and then lays out a straightforward process for cultivating a mindset that will accept and invite help at home and at work. Using exercises and examples, she explains how to figure out what to ask for, whom to ask, how to ask, and when and where to ask.

Besides making our lives easier, Nora shows that asking others for help can be an emotionally and spiritually enriching experience, one that, surprisingly, will end up making us feel more confident and will strengthen our relationships. Drawn from her twenty years of experience as both a personal and a Fortune 100 executive coach, Mayday! is the first book to fully integrate the body, mind, and emotions in a truly effective step-by-step approach to getting the help we need.

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