Susan Abrams, author of the New Success Rules for Women

“Mayday! shows readers how to make the intimidating process of asking for help less daunting. In a conversational, inviting way, Nora offers anecdotes and encouragement to show us how to ask for and let others help us when we need it. And, we all need it.”

Publishers Weekly Review

“Klaver begins this self-help with a search for archetypes that sets up her refreshing, Jungian take on the emotional potholes that make asking for help a difficult-at times impossible-task. Thoughtful exercises and vignettes guide readers toward an understanding of help as an opportunity ‘not only to get my needs met but… to be touched by another soul.'”

Be Prepared

Be prepared. If you don’t really want to change, don’t call Nora. Her expertise is deep and her insight even deeper. Nora will challenge you in unconventional ways — all focused on creating the outcome you desire. Open your mind and you will emerge with your own insight and skills to carry change forward.

Challenging My Assumptions

I value the relationship we have, and what Nora did for my professional growth as a leader. In my opinion, I would not be as successful or as accomplished without her consistently challenging my assumptions while providing creative solutions.

Perspective & Balance

It was great to have her there to provide guidance through both the business and personal aspects of my life at that time. Nora helped provide perspective and balance for me when I really needed it.

Highly Valued

More than 10 years later I still use and think of the techniques and suggestions Nora added to my toolbox. I highly value the time we worked together.


Nora coached me for a period of 2 years. I was skeptical about the value of an executive coach but now I can say with certainty that anyone who doubts the value of executive coaching should work with Nora before passing final judgement.

Pushed Me Out of My Comfort Zone

I was very lucky to have Nora as a coach at the beginning of my management career. She introduced me to a lot of innovative leadership principles, which I still use today. She pushed me outside of my comfort zone and showed my how to use my strengths in challenging situations. Nora’s efforts certainly contributed to my success as a leader, and I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again in the future.