Executive Coaching

Uncover. Discover. Move Forward.


Become More Authentic and Effective at Work

Executive coaching for emotional intelligence is a process of uncovering strengths, values, and beliefs —  the healthy ones as well as those that may be holding you back from your most powerful self.

Once those elements are uncovered, then we will discover what you need to attain your goals.

The final step is to put your plan in motion in a way that is truly authentic for you.

Coaching enables you to see what you can't see right now: the opportunities and choices that are hidden in plain sight.

As your coaching partner, I will challenge, encourage, and even push you to get outside of your comfort zones.

Assess Progress

To ensure we are on track for you to meet your goals, I will check in with HR and a supervisor to get a sense of what improvements or changes you have been making.

Celebrate Wins

Along the way, we will celebrate your accomplishments! And at the end of the engagement, we will invite supervisors and/or HR to acknowledge the goals you have achieved.

Invite Support

Coaching isn’t done in a vacuum. You will be most successful with a support system that includes your supervisor, team members, and friends at work.


How It Works

  • Most coaching engagements last between 6-12 months

  • I begin coaching with an initial 120-minute Discovery Session where I will learn more about you, you workplace, and your goals

  • Typically, 60-minute coaching sessions will be conducted every 2 weeks

  • Sessions are typically conducted via videoconference

  • Coaching engagements include real-time observation and one or more assessments (learn more about those here

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