About Nora

I will expand your perspective through unconventional questions. 

I will inspire you to do more and be more.

Team Training

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Whether your organization needs on-demand webinars or highly interactive workshops, we can help.

We rely on the highly interactive yet simple philosophy that adults learn best from sharing of experiences.

Executive Coaching

Uncover, Discover, Move Forward.

Improve your your emotional intelligence and leadership skills through one-on-one sessions with Nora.

Executive Coaching includes a comprehensive and powerful assessments, including a customized 360.

Meditation for Leaders

Mindfulness & Wellbeing

Many leaders find personal and professional clarity through guided meditation.

I am now a narrator, meditator and coach on Aurahealth.io, an app for mindfulness and whole wellbeing.

When you agree to be coached, you open yourself up to the chance to be better than you are right now.

To make it work, you’ll need to risk being brave, authentic, and honest with yourself.

Tools & Assessments

I rely on a variety of assessments in my coaching, including: 

Nora's Strengths Profile Results

Nora's Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Entj - white shadow
Extroversion | Intuition | Thinking | Judging

ENTJs see the big picture and think strategically about the future. They are able to efficiently organize people and resources in order to accomplish long-term goals.

… This means I can be tough and direct when required!

How I Got Here


As the sixth child of nine and the third girl of four, I have always known what it takes to be part of a team and still stand out. For me, it’s knowing your strengths, understanding what’s important, and building strong relationships.

As I grew up and looked back, I realized that even though I was part of a large family, I was often on the outside looking in – an ideal viewpoint for a coach. And because I was a middle child, I was pretty good at seeing things from a number of perspectives. This is the skill-set I’ve relied on most as a grown-up.

I began my career as an instructional designer, creating training and developmental opportunities for a global consulting firm. I traveled the world: Europe, Australia, Asia and the US. Each trip gave me a chance to see things from new vantage points, to experience how others see the world. I still love to travel.

Developing training wasn’t enough for me; it became too mechanical. I wanted to do more than share skills and knowledge, I wanted to create space for my clients to find their own insights and fresh ways of seeing their lives, work, families and futures: I wanted to coach professionally. I learned coaching basics at the Coaches Training Institute and was certified through the Newfield Network US in 1999. 

Relying on unconventional wisdom, I strive to challenge paradigms in each of my talks. With self-deprecating humor and years of research and experience, I work to make the intimidating approachable.

Currently, I have limited availability for speaking engagements. Contact me for more information.


Yes, I’ve been coaching for a long time. I’m also a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. Fingers crossed, I’m sitting for the Master Certified Coach designation in the next few months. For those who are counting, I have over 10,000 hours in the coach’s chair.

My coaching approach is all about shifting and widening perspectives through insightful and unconventional questions. When someone changes how they view the world, new possibilities for action are revealed – actions that are often right in front of them but can’t currently be seen. Then, together, as partners, we identify new behaviors that create success.

As for me, I relish learning about humans and how and why we may behave the way we do. One of the best things I’ve ever picked up is the importance of identifying and applying our strengths in the workplace. Understanding the power of individual strengths freed me from “fixing” clients and showed me how to create long-lasting behavior change.



I have been using guided meditations with my clients, from emerging leaders to C-suite, since the late 90s.

Many clients find meditations to be powerful and efficient pathways toward self-inspiration and personal/professional clarity.

I am excited to announce that I am now a narrator, meditator and coach on Aurahealth.io, an app for mindfulness and whole wellbeing based on scientific research.

To listen to some of my guided meditations, download a free 30-day guest pass here.


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